Nicole Raineault

Expertise: Marine geology, seafloor mapping, leading/planning research expeditions
Affiliation: Ocean Exploration Trust
Certification/Education: PhD Geological Sciences, M.S. Oceanography, B.S. Marine Science

SUBSEA Research Objectives

No specific research objectives. I’m interested in testing xGDS as a way to improve our ability to conduct telepresence cruises and to help facilitate the science for the cruise with SUBSEA participants and the wider Scientist Ashore network.


I am a marine geologist and ocean mapper who studies seafloor geomorphology. Recent research interests include the expression and detection of methane seeps along the west coast of the US. I have been working with the Ocean Exploration Trust since 2010, when I was a navigation intern aboard the vessel E/V Nautilus. I spent time during the following summer learning science management aboard Nautilus. After completing my PhD at the University of Delaware in 2012, I started a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, with the purpose of increasing the standard scientific capacity of Nautilus and building a broader shoreside team. I also oversaw the installation and testing of the multibeam sonar and sub-bottom profiling systems. I have been working full-time with the Trust since 2013 and am now the Vice President of Exploration and Science Operations. I coordinate, plan, and lead exploratory cruises with the Nautilus and facilitate scientific partnerships with our organization.