Matthew Deans

Expertise: Robotics and software for remote robotic operations
Affiliation: NASA Ames Research Center Intelligent Robotics Group
Certification/Education: PhD in Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University

SUBSEA Research Objectives

Within the BASALT project, Dr. Deans is investigating ways to build better software tools for remote science operations, deploy those tools to test them in real science driven field work, and evaluate the utility and efficacy of the tools.   The goal is ultimately to improve our understanding of how to operate future missions with both robotic and human explorers.


Dr. Deans has many years of experience in robotic mapping, localization, navigation, machine vision in unstructured environments, and remote operation of rovers. He leads the Exploration Ground Data Systems work within the Intelligent Robotics Group, building and testing technologies for remote rover operations and science. Dr. Deans has significant experience with field robotics, participating in field experiments in Chile, Antarctica, the Arctic, Canadian Rockies, Hawaii, and the continental US.