Eric Chan

Expertise: Biogeochemistry, Analytical chemistry, Gas chemistry, Methane oxidation, Carbon isotope chemistry
Affiliation: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Certification/Education: PhD. Geosciences
M.S. Geosciences
B.S. Biotechnology

SUBSEA Research Objectives

Our SUBSEA goals are to design and implement sampling of chemical data such as dissolved oxygen, particulate matter, trace metal, and nutrient concentrations on water worlds.


Eric Chan is postdoctoral researcher at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley working with Dr. Chip Breier. He is trained as a chemical oceanographer and his research focuses on biogeochemical processes that affect the world’s oceans. During his graduate studies he built and designed a system to incubate and analyze in-situ samples for microbially mediated methane oxidation. He demonstrated light rare earth elemental usage in methanotrophs as well as determined chemical kinetics involved in methanotrophy. He is currently working on sampling systems to be deployed in a variety of environments (including SUBSEA) as well as vehicles to make these sampling systems mobile.