TIME story…err stories and now a podcast

In the past two code S staff meetings the astrobiology story in TIME magazine written by Jeff Kluger has been discussed. For those this hasn’t made it to or who may not subscribe to TIME, attached is the pdf of the story.

Oh, but wait! There’s more

During the reporter’s two-day thoughtfully curated visit to Ames (a deep bow in your direction, Jessica!), interviews with Scott Sandford, Mary Beth Wilhelm, Natalie Batalha, Chris McKay, and Tori Hoehler were conducted for a feature story on the possibility of life beyond Earth. A mountain of ultra interesting info was gathered far too much for one article. So, now the author is using that content, including quotes from interviews, in other stories and soon, new distribution methods. On March 10, Jeff will tackle the topic of life in the cosmos at large during TIME’s podcast It’s Your Universe which he hosts. There is sure to be content from the Ames visit included.

This is a wonderful example of proactive and strategic engagement on the part of public affairs. The reporter had an idea of what he wanted to write but wasn’t clear on the pieces and the grander puzzle. Jeff reached out to Ames PAO/Jessica who then told the story of Ames’ work in this area, carefully guiding and shaping the story we see from Jeff. And, now it continues with other products.

This is a media engagement opprty that keeps on giving, in large part due to the ‘big picture storytelling’ done by PAO that effectively wove together the brilliant work by some of the most notable scientists in this field, and all happening right here at Ames!

Working with you and your teams on another opprty like this can’t come soon enough (and we’re actively looking for more)! We love providing the service we are here to do! 🙂

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm! Goooo science!! Goooo team!!


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