The Fifth Annual Space Science and Astrobiology Jamboree

The Jamboree is right around the corner!    A couple quick items:

+  Today is the last day to register. Please email me if you plan to attend so I can ensure you have a name tag and abstract booklet at registration.
+  The deadline for being able to order lunch from specialty’s is looming. If you havent already placed your order be sure to do so and provide Mojgan with your confirmation number NLT noon on Friday,  March 3rd. (see instructions below)
+ We will have abstract booklets at the event for attendees and very few available for people who have not registered in advance.  If you want to take a look at the book ahead of time, a pdf is available at

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Space Science & Astrobiology Jamboree — Agenda, Registration & Lunch Info
The Fifth Annual ARC Space Science & Astrobiology Jamboree
March 7, 2017
NACC – Building 3
8:30am – 5:30pm
We hope you have made room on your calendar for the Fifth Annual ARC Space Science & Astrobiology Jamboree — it is shaping up to be an invigorating day of science talks and poster sessions.   There will be two 1-hour lectures chosen by a nomination process and a lecturer selection committee.   We are pleased to announce that the Outstanding Early Career Space Scientist Lecture will be given by Thomas Bristow and the Pollack Lecture will be given by Bob Haberle. In addition, a dozen 20 minute talks were selected by the science organizing committee.  We received 74 (!) abstract submissions, over half of which expressed an interest in giving a talk.  (Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract — and made the organizing committee’s job hard!)   Below you will find the final agenda.  In addition to the oral presentations, there will be 60+ posters available for perusal and discussion.
In order to give folks more time to discuss results & (hopefully) a tastier lunch we’ve arranged for lunches to be picked up from Specialty’s.   (You’ll need to order and pay for your lunch — but we’ll get them over to Bldg 3 in time for the lunch break.)  Read down to the bottom of this email for instructions on how to order your lunch.  Please order no later than March 3rd.
Registration instructions:
In order to have an accurate headcount for refreshments (and to allow us sufficient time to make name tags), we ask that all attendees register by February 24.  Any member of the Ames community may attend the SS Jamboree.  In order to register, please send an email to with a subject line of Jamboree Registration.  In the body of the message, please specify your name as you’d like it to appear on your name tag.
Below is the schedule for the day.  In addition to the lectures and talks listed below, please make time to visit the 60+ posters!  Abstracts for the talks and posters will be made available prior to the symposium.  (A pdf agenda suitable for printing is also attached.)
8:00  Registration & Poster set-up
8:30  Welcome & Announcements
8:45 Outstanding Early Career Space Scientist Lecture: Thomas Bristow:Mineralogy and Models of Ancient Mars
9:45 Christopher Burke:  Terrestrial Planet Occurrence Rates From The Final Kepler Pipeline Search
10:05 Kathryn Bywaters:  IN SITU Life Detection and Characterization using Nanopore Sequencing in the Hyper Arid Region of the Atacama Desert, Chile 10:25 Poster Session / Coffee Break
11:10 Anthony Colaprete:  Resource Prospector: An Update on the Lunar Volatiles Prospecting and ISRU Demonstration Mission
11:30 Cristina Dalle Ore: Ices on Charon:  Distribution of H2O and NH3 from New Horizons LEISA Observations
11:50 Richard Everroad:  Fine-scale niche partitioning and cooperation in co-existing cyanobacteria promote systems-level fitness across environmental conditions
12:10 Poster Session / Lunch
13:15 Mark Marley: Preparing for the Next Decade of Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization
13:35 Milena Popovich: Modularity and Evolution of RNA Function
13:55 Richard Quinn: Microfluidic Approaches to Searching for Extant Life
14:15 Nasseem Rangwala:  SOFIA/EXES 13 Micron High Spectral Resolution Observations of Orion IRc2
14:35 Lynn Rothschild:  Stanford-Brown iGEM 2016: Bioballoon
14:55 Andrew Rushby:  Long Term Planetary Habitability and the Carbonate-Silicate Cycle
15:15 Poster Session / Coffee Break
16:00 David Wilson:  Catching Life from the Icy Ocean World Plumes: Applications to Europa & Enceladus
16:20 Pollack Lecture:  Bob Haberle: The Early Mars Climate System
17:20 Remove Posters
Pre-ordering lunch:
Please follow these instructions for placing your lunch order for the SS Jamboree.
1.    Go To:
2.    Sign in or sign-up
3.    Click on “Priority Pick-Up”
       Make sure Pick-Up location is set to 645 Ellis St., Mt. View, CA
       Date: 03/07/17
       Time: 10:30AM
4.    Order / Pay
5.    Forward Specialty’s email confirmation to no later than Friday, March 3rd, 3pm.