Teachers Picked For SOFIA Ambassadors Program

Teachers Picked For SOFIA Ambassadors Program. TheAlternativePress (1/24) reported on the selection of Chatham, New Jersey high school science teacher Margaret Holzer through a “rigorous peer-reviewed process” to participate in SOFIA’s Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors program. The article noted that after the two-person educator teams learn to utilize the 100-inch effective diameter telescope on board SOFIA’s “highly modified Boeing 747SP,” they will “take what they learn back to their classrooms and into their communities to promote science literacy.” Program Executive John Gagosian said, “SOFIA offers educator teams unprecedented access to infrared astronomers and the unique capabilities of an airborne observatory,” noting that academic ambassadors “have used this experience in hundreds of science, technology, engineering and math teaching opportunities throughout the United States.”

The Chicago Tribune (1/27, Mackaben, 2.32M) reports that Marcella Linahan of Carmel Catholic High School and retired teacher Lynne Zielinsk also will participate in the program. Dana Backman, director of SOFIA’s outreach programs at the Ames Research Center, said that the goal of the program is “to show teachers how the research process works.”