SS Weekly Highlights

NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) hosts the 18th Small Bodies Assessment Group (“SBAG”) within the Ames Conference Center (Building 152), 17–18 Jan 2018.

The SBAG was established by NASA to identify scientific priorities and opportunities for the exploration of asteroids, comets, interplanetary dust, small satellites, and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs). The SBAG also provides scientific input on the utility of asteroids and comets in support of human space activities. The group has an open membership and a steering committee. Input from the scientific community is actively sought. The SBAG provides findings to NASA Headquarters, but does not make recommendations.


The SBAG is NASA’s community-based forum designed to provide science input for planning and prioritizing the exploration of small bodies throughout the Solar System for the next several decades. It also provides input on how small bodies can be utilized in support of human space activities. The SBAG is open to all interested members of the small bodies community. The SBAG regularly evaluates the goals, objectives, investigations, and required measurements for the exploration of small bodies on the basis of the widest possible community outreach.


The SBAG webpage is and the Jan 2018 held at NASA ARC included attendance and presentations from the NASA HQ/SMD/Planetary Science Division (PSD), including the Director, Dr James L Green, and several PSD Program Officers.  The meeting agenda and presentations can be found at


POC:    Jeffery Hollingsworth, Chief, Planetary Systems Branch (Code SS/SST)