SS Weekly Highlight: EC Report on HIGH-level upcoming events

SS weekly highlight
SS weekly highlight

The 2016 Stanford-Brown iGEM team, under the direction of Lynn Rothschild (SST) and her invaluable lab group, has once come home from the “Jamboree” (competition) laden with awards, including earning a gold medal, Best Measurement and runner-up for Best in Manufacturing, an award they won in 2015. In September five of the Brown students on the team presented at the NY Maker Faire and were awarded a blue ribbon for sustainability. At the competition HQ was represented by The 2016 team gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of NASA HQ Early Innovation, Stanford VPUE program, Brown UTRA program, and the Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium.

The team after the awards ceremony with their trophy for best measurement. Past trophiesare in Rothschild’s office.

iGEM the international Genetically Engineered Machine Competition is the premier collegiate synthetic biology competition. Held annually in Boston, the teams design a project, complete the research nominally in the summer, and must produce a wiki, poster and give a 20 minute presentation in front of the judges. This year’s team worked towards
manufacturing a biologically produced balloon (BioBalloon) complete with materials, biogasses for lift and embedded sensors for missions ( This year there were 300 teams worldwide consisting of about six to 50 students. Publications and patent disclosures have resulted from past projects, the team presented at
the Ames 75th open house, and most notably, the PowerCell payload on EuCROPIS is a legacy of the 2011 Brown-Stanford team with follow up by the Stanford-Brown 2013 team, and various team members who have continued to work in Rothschild’s lab on the mission.