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Title:  The NASA Ames NAI Team participates inthe Theuerkauf Elementary School STEAM Day — Story:

On December 6, 2018, Drs. Gustavo Cruz-Diaz, Christiaan Boersma and Andrew Mattioda of the NAI Ames CAN 7 Team participated in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) camp held at Theuerkauf Elementary School, Mountain View. The camp was designed to peak student interest in the STEAM fields.

During their time with the students, Drs. Boersma, Cruz-Diaz and Mattioda talked to 45 students (4th to 5th grade) about research at NASA and STEAM career opportunities. Their presentation included hands-on science demonstrations, teaching them about chromatography and spectroscopy regarding the properties of light. The students were very interested in the presentation, in particular those related to breaking visible white light into its various colors using diffraction gratings.  All of the students eagerly participated actively in the hands-on demonstrations.

NASA Amesparticipation in this camp is made possible through the NASA AstrobiologyInstitute under Cooperative Agreement Notice NNH13ZDA017C issued through theScience Mission Directorate.

  • POC: Andrew Mattioda (SST), Gustavo Cruz-Diaz (SSA), and Christiaan Boersma (SSA)


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