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White House Event: Exploring Space in the President’s Place —

Abstract: Jennifer Heldmann (SST) participated in the White House event “Exploring Space in the President’s Place” at the request of NASA HQ / SMD / Mars Exploration Program (MEP) on 27 October 2017. NASA was invited to present science & exploration activities to White House staff and their visiting families.  Heldmann worked at the Planetary Science station focused on the Moon and Mars. She was responsible for the safe transport and display of lunar, asteroid, and Mars samples brought from NASA HQ to show visitors.  Also displayed were models of various Mars rovers and rover components (Pathfinder, Mars Exploration Rovers, Curiosity, and Mars 2020) as well as a model of the Mars Insight spacecraft, posters, lithographs, etc.  Models of numerous NASA spacecraft were also displayed in the U.S. Vice President’s office.  The event was a great success and the WH staffers were very appreciative of NASA’s work and enthusiasm for science and exploration.



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