SS Weekly Highlight

NASA Space Science Division researchers Anthony Colaprete, Richard Elphic, and Jennifer Heldmann delivered oral presentations at the 2017 Annual meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG).  

Colaprete gave a talk titled “Resource Prospector: Evaluating the ISRU potential of the lunar poles” while Elphic’s talk was titled “Resource Prospector, the Decadal Survey, and the Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon”.  Jennifer Heldmann gave a talk titled “Geologic exploration enabled by optimized science operations on the lunar surface” which highlighted Ames analog activities and associated contributions to science and exploration. This talk was complemented by NASA NPP Alexander Sehlke’s poster presentation titled “The anatomy of the Blue Dragon: Changes in lava flow morphology and physical properties observed in an open channel lava flow as a planetary analogue”.


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