ARC Leadership at LEAG (Lunar Exploration Analysis Group) meeting

Jennifer Heldmann (SST) supported the recent LEAG (Lunar Exploration Analysis Group) meeting held at the Washington Hilton hotel in Washington, DC on October 28-30, 2019.  At the meeting, Heldmann served as a Session Chair for the series of talks focused on “The Moon in the 2020s: Beyond Artemis-3” and moderated a panel discussion focused on “Science at the Moon”. She also co-led a Breakout Group of ~50 people focused on Resources & Hazards at the Moon and presented these findings to the LEAG community, and will serve as the community representative focused on lunar resources and ISRU for the upcoming LEAG Goals and Objectives document.

Strategic Plan Core Capability/Objective Reference ( i.e. Planetary Systems / Obj. 2.1): Theme 6: In situ resource utilization (ISRU) instrumentation