Space Science & Astrobiology Weekly Highlight

•   The BASALT and SUBSEA research programs.

•   POC: Darlene Lim (SST)

  • Short story:
  • Darlene Lim was the International Guest Speaker for Australia’s 2019 National Science Week. She was hosted by the Royal Society of Victoria and the Victorian Science Week Committee from August 7-14, 2019, and toured the state of Victoria giving presentations, participating in panel discussions and giving interviews on designing for human scientific exploration of the Moon and Mars. She also spoke about the value of failure, expectation management, and being a minority woman in STEM.

She addressed general, academic, and governmental audiences, and was also featured in a variety of TV, print, radio and podcast interviews.

Some highlights included presentations at the Melbourne Museum, Victoria’s State Parliament, Deakin University, Scienceworks Planetarium Melbourne, and interviews with the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC).


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