Societal Issues with Astrobiology Research

Panel: Margaret Race and Rocco Mancinelli of the SETI Institute and Workshop participants
When: February 11, 12:00 noon
Where: The SETI Institute, Europa room

Abstract: SETI Principle Investigators Margaret Race and Rocco Mancinelli are convening an interdisciplinary workshop at the Institute from Feb. 9-11 that includes experts from a range of disciplines, including law, ethics, policy, theology, philosophy, social sciences, education, communication, and astrobiology sciences. Supported by a grant from the NAI, the invited participants are charged with systematically analyzing the diversity of societal issues that arise in Astrobiology research and space exploration. Margaret and Rocco will chair a lunchtime panel discussion that includes short presentations on the initial workshop findings followed by questions and feedback from the audience. Join us for a chance to experience a roadmap in the making.