Search for the “Sutter’s Mill” meteorite

Sutter's Mill meteorite
Sutter's Mill meteorite

The fireball created by the falling meteoroid, which is thought to have been about 3-4 meters in diameter, was seen in multiple states. These searches have so far turned up two fragments of the original body, and additional pieces have been found by meteorite dealers and members of the public.
The meteorite fragments have yet to be scientifically categorized, but it is likely that this object is of a rare meteorite class known as a CM carbonaceous chondrites. This class of meteorites is rich in prebiotic organics and is of considerable scientific interest. Preliminary studies on one of the pieces have just begun and the search for additional fragments is ongoing.

POC: Scott Sandford (4-6849)
(other ARC personnel involved as well)

Figure Caption: Fragments of the “Sutter’s Mill” meteorite found by Peter Jenniskens.