NASA Picks Crater For LCROSS Mission

The Los Angeles Times (9/12, Johnson, 797K) reported, “NASA scientists announced Friday that they had picked a 60-mile-wide crater near the moon’s south pole as the place where they will send a rocket to punch a hole in the lunar surface next month in search of water.” The announcement was made at the Ames Research Center. The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) spacecraft is scheduled to crash into the Cabeus A crater on October 9. NASA scientists “said Cabeus A was chosen as the specific site after a vigorous debate that drew on data from a variety of resources, including Earth-based telescopes and Japanese and Indian satellites.” According to the article, “Finding water on the moon would not only be a major scientific discovery, it would also have a profound effect on plans to establish a semipermanent moon base.”