NASA Lunar Science Forum

NASA Lunar Science Forum
NASA Lunar Science Forum

NASA Ames Research Center recently hosted the 3rd annual NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) Lunar Science Forum ( Over 500 lunar scientists from around the world convened at NASA Ames to discuss the most recent advances and future plans in the field of lunar science. Researchers from the Ames Planetary Systems Branch played a key role in this meeting. Jennifer Heldmann served as the Science Organizing Committee Chair for the Forum and was responsible for developing the technical program. Ames scientists Jeff Moore and Rick Elphic also served on the Scientific Organizing Committee. In addition, the following oral presentations were delivered by Ames SST researchers:

* Water and More: An Overview of LCROSS Imapct Results, Tony Colaprete
* Evolution of the dust and water ice plume components as observed by the LCROSS Visible Camera and UV-Visible Spectrometer, Jennifer Heldmann
* LCROSS: Volatiles and Exosphere Associated with a Permanently Shadowed Region in Cabeus, Diane Wooden
* Results from joint NASA/ESA field trials simulating international missions to a Lunar base, Carol Stoker
* Spectroscopic and Numerical Evaluation of Solar Protons as Lunar OH Source, Aaron Zent
* Modeling of light scattering by non-spherical lunar dust grains, Denis Thomas Richard
* The Evolution of Remnant Ice at the Lunar South Pole From Diviner Surface Temperature Results, Richard Elphic