Mars Global Reference Atmospheric Model (Mars-GRAM) is an engineering-
level atmospheric model developed by Marshall Space Flight Center’s
Natural Environments Branch. Mars-GRAM is widely used for diverse
mission applications. Applications include systems design, performance
analysis, and operations planning for aerobraking, entry descent and
landing, and aerocapture. From 0-80 km altitude, Mars-GRAM is based
on NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model (MGCM), while above 80 km
it is based on Mars Thermospheric General Circulation Model (MTGCM).
Mars-GRAM and MGCM use surface topography from Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter (MOLA), with altitudes referenced to
the MOLA constant potential surface (areoid). Mars-GRAM has recently
been reclassified as public domain software. As a result of this
change, Mars-GRAM is now available upon request through the Space
Environments and Effects (SEE) program website at: