LADEE UVS spectrometer alive and healthy

Following the successful launch and activation of the LADEE spacecraft, the Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrometer (UVS) instrument was powered for the first time on Sep 14, 2013. UVS was activated and ran through a series of “dark calibrations”. These calibrations make measurements of the noise on the instruments sensor while the instruments telescope door is still closed. The measurements are compared to similar measurements made just prior to launch to insure the instrument is in good health. Also, in making the measurements the instrument is commanded into a range of states, thus testing the overall operational status of the instrument. All measurements compared very well with pre-launch data and the instrument was given a clean bill of health. The UVS instrument is now in a “bakeout” mode, where its heaters are used to warm the instrument in order to drive off any contaminants.