Kepler Supplies More Evidence Supporting General Relativity

Kepler Supplies More Evidence Supporting General Relativity. The Los Angeles Times (4/5, Mohan, 692K) “Science Now” blog reports, “NASA’s Kepler space telescope has beamed back the latest evidence that light can be bent by gravity, an element of the theory of general relativity.” While the result was not surprising, “the findings represent the first time the phenomenon has been detected in a binary star system, according to NASA.” The article notes that the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) also was part of the research. Doug Hudgins, Kepler program scientist at NASA Headquarters, said, “Only Kepler could detect this tiny, tiny effect. … But with this detection, we are witnessing Einstein’s theory of general relativity at play in a far-flung star system.” Discovery News (4/5, O’Neill) also covers the story.