Kepler Results Make Some Sci-Fi Concepts “Outdated.”

Alan Boyle at the NBC News (6/6) “Cosmic Log” blog interviews SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak about the possibility of intelligent aliens invading Earth like in sci-fi movies since results from the Kepler telescope indicate “that there could be billions upon billions of alien Earths and super-Earths out there.” Shostak thinks typical rationales used in films like looking for natural resources are now “terribly outdated.” Meanwhile, Shostak said SETI has been examining Kepler candidate planets for potential life, but added, “To be honest, I think that idea has been overtaken by events, because now we know that most stars do have planets. Given that, you might as well look at nearer stars, because Kepler’s candidates are typically 1,000 light-years away.”