Highlights for 02/13/09

star cluster
star cluster

ennifer Heldmann (SST) on Detail to HQ:

Ames Scientist Interviewed About Contamination Rules. NPR (2/6, Flatow), in “Talk of the Nation,” interviewed Christopher McKay of the Ames Research Center on revising the rules on interplanetary contamination. McKay said, “I think COSPAR, which is the international organization that implements these policies, should have a conference – and they’re planning to – to reexamine this and to change the basis of planetary protection from scientific controls and scientific cleanliness to biologically reversible.” McKay noted that he is not “addressing” contamination from Mars, as in a sample return mission.

Jeff Cuzzi (SST):

Jeff Cuzzi (SST) presented the Ring Science case for extending the Cassini mission for another seven years, until Saturn Solstice in 2017, to a Senior Review Panel chartered by NASA HQ, at JPL. Other presentations were made by four other Interdisciplinary Scientists (for Saturn, the icy satellites, Titan, and the Magnetosphere) as well as two team leaders who discussed resource issues, the Project Scientist, and other project staff. Cassini is now halfway through a two-year extended mission phase. If approved, the Cassini mission would cover thirteen years in Saturn orbit.