Education Supplement for “Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010 and 2011”

Chris McKay, Liza Coe and Henry Sun (DRI) were selected for award of an education supplement for “Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010 and 2011.” The ROSES parents proposals are “Biological accumulation of D-amino acids in endolithic microbial communities” (PI: Henry Sun, DRI) and “Raman UV/Fluorescence for Planetary Protection Bioburden Monitoring” (PI: Chris McKay). For each year of the parent awards, we will select a team of 15 STEM in-service teachers to work with scientists as field assistants during a one-week expedition to the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, operating from the Zzyzx field station. Spaceward Bound expeditions are motivated by the following line of reasoning: A teacher who has performed authentic science research will be better prepared to develop pedagogy and curriculum related to scientific exploration in his or her own classroom. He/she will have a better appreciation for the excitement, intrigue, passion for learning associated with scientific inquiry and field research. An inspired teacher will, in turn, inspire their students to learn and explore and to seek further education and careers in STEM fields. The teachers funded by this award will join the existing cohort of Spaceward Bound alumni and become eligible to mentor teachers on future expeditions. Spaceward Bound teachers stay in communication with scientists and teachers through social media such as Facebook as well as our website: