Dr. Andrew Mattioda talks to students at space camp

On July 18, 2010, Dr. Andrew Mattioda, NASA Ames Astrochemistry Laboratory, conducted an Education and Public Outreach event with the LEGO Education and NASA Exploration Camp being hosted by East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma. Using NASA’s Digital Learning Network (DLN), Dr. Mattioda talked to the students about how and why he became a scientist as well as the use of infrared spectroscopy, its role in space exploration and Astrobiology. The students were treated to demonstrations on the use of infrared cameras, courtesy of Darlene Mendoza, SOFIA project, as well as the luminescence of large organic molecules under ultraviolet light. Twenty-seven students, grades 3 to 8, attended the talk, which was part of a 3-day camp directed by East Central University and the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium. A special thanks goes to Greg Pitzer and the NASA Digital Learning Network.