COMET — COffee, MEet and Talk

COMET is an opportunity and fun way to meet others in the division, and begin to cross pollinate ideas and activities, or simply just be social. The details of how COMET works are listed below.

Start with a voluntary signup – all in the division are welcome.

click on the link below:

  • The submitted names and emails will be entered into a Google spreadsheet whose link will be distributed and posted on the Code SS website.
  • Near the 1st of each month, groups will be selected at random (picked from coffee jars while wearing a blindfold) and each person in the spreadsheet will be assigned their group number.
  • Each group will consist of 4 names from across the division.
  • A single email will be sent to all in the spreadsheet announcing the “new groups” for the month.
  • It will be each group’s responsibility to go to the spreadsheet, determine their group members, and self-organize their meeting for that month whether for coffee, lunch, or what ever they choose. There are no division funds to support the activity, just a smile from me and a pat on the back.
  • Repeat
  • Feedback: At some time during the month, if a group desires, they can post a photograph of their group, list the group names, and supply a 140-character by-line. click on the link below to post.


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