CIAS Workshop on new and Advanced Techniques in Laboratory Astrophysics

Observatory Dome
Observatory Dome
Dr. Farid Salama was invited by the Meudon Observatory (CNRS, Paris, France) to attend a workshop organized by the CIAS on the topic of new and future techniques in laboratory astrophysics. The workshop was on-invitation only and was limited to 20 attendees including the heads of major laboratory groups from the US (NASA Ames, Caltech and JPL) and Europe (France, Italy, Netherlands) to discuss the plans and the strategies of laboratory astrophysics in the next decade in the support of space mission instruments and return data analysis. Farid presented an invited review talk on “New Techniques in Laboratory Astrophysics” highlighting the role of Ames’ Cosmic Simulator. A report will be issued by the workshop’s attendees and will be published in Advances in Space Research.
CIAS: Centre International d’Ateliers Scientifiques (International Center for Scientific Workshops)
CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research)
Photo of the renovated historical observatory dome where the workshop was held.