Ames scientists involved in coronagraph selection for the AFTA / WFIRST mission

Charlie Bolden recently approved the using the 2.4-m telescope assets given to NASA for the WFIRST mission that was the #1 large space mission priority of the 2010 decadal survey in astronomy and astrophysics. In addition to a wide field imaging instrument, this version of WFIRST will have a coronagraphic instrument for exoplanet imaging and spectroscopy. It is very important to improve the technological readiness of this exoplanet instrument, so the NASA exoplanet program manager (G. Blackwood) has formed a working group tasked with providing a recommendation for the specific coronagraph and wavefront control implementation. Tom Greene and Mark Marley are members of this working group, and T. Greene is also a member of its steering committee. This group will meet several times before it delivers its recommendations by September 30 (2013). Ames scientists Greene, Marley, and Rus Belikov will attend the first meeting, to be held at Princeton on July 23 - 25.