Ames Astrobiology Team Partners with California Academy of Sciences in Dark Universe Program

CalACademy - Hoehler
CalACademy - Hoehler

The NASA Ames Astrobiology Team has partnered with the California Academy of Sciences in the “Dark Universe Program,” a new cosmology show that began January 31. On Saturdays from February 8 March 15, the Ames team will discuss the Mars Science Laboratory Mission and will demonstrate and engage museum visitors in real-time hands-on analyses of Martian analog rocks using an Earthly version of CheMin the X-ray diffraction instrument onboard the Curiosity rover.

In addition, team members will participate in the “Connect with a Scientist!” program and engage visitors in interactive conversations about their career paths, research projects and scientific discoveries.

The “Dark Universe Program” and “Connect with a Scientist!” will run for the next five consecutive Saturdays from noon 3pm. For additional information go to: “Connect with a Scientist!”

Photo caption: Ames team members Niki Parenteau and Tom Bristow discuss the Mars Science Laboratory mission with the general public at the California Academy of Sciences on February 8. With the Curiosity rover’s CheMin instrument in the background, Bristow demonstrates the use of a rock sieve to a young and eager audience.