Resource Prospector NIRVSS/Drill testing in GRC vacuum chamber


The Resource Prospector (RP) team successfully completed testing of the Near InfraRed Volatiles Spectrometer System (NIRVSS) and Drill system in lunar-like conditions.  The test was conducted in the GRC VF-13 vacuum chamber to evaluate/test/assess RP’s method for regolith sample acquisition and sub-surface volatiles quantification. The VF-13 chamber uses a drill tube of cryogenically-frozen lunar simulant […]

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Nathalie A. Cabrol gave a talk at the TED Conference in Vancouver, BC, March 17, 2015

Nathalie @ TED

Conversations with microbes. Planetary explorer Nathalie Cabrol delves into some of the biggest questions of the universe: How did Earth come to have life? Are we alone in the universe? And how soon can we find out? To learn the answers to these questions, she explores extreme biology and environmental conditions on Earth that have […]

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