Neptune-sized orb is smallest alien world known to have water vapour.

Smallest Exoplanet

For situation awareness, at 10am PT 9/24/14, NATURE published a result on the smallest exoplanet to have molecules detected in its atmosphere. HAT-P-11b, a Neptune-sized planet, is the smallest exoplanet to have molecules of any kind detected in the atmosphere. The planet was previously known by other ground base telescopes. Kepler, Hubble, and Spritzer observations […]

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Sampling for Biomarkers in the Atacama Desert

MB Atacama 1

NASA Ames Pathway PhD Candidate, Mary Beth Wilhelm, conducted Mars analog field work in the Atacama Desert in Chile with Senior Research Scientist Dr. Alfonso Davila of the SETI Institute and Civil Servant Dr. Jennifer Eigenbrode of NASA Goddard. The team collected samples from the extreme hyper-arid core of the Atacama, which receives less than […]

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