Dr. Andrew Mattioda conducts Education Outreach to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Amattioda Choctaw

July 12-15, 2014, Dr. Andrew Mattioda traveled to the Choctaw Nation Jones Academy boarding school to participate in their first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) summer camp for Choctaw Nation youth. Coming from a background similar to theirs, Dr. Mattioda talked with the students about the path he took to become a NASA scientist […]

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Ames FINESSE Team Presents Science Data at NASA’s Exploration Science Forum


The FINESSE (Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration) team participated in the NASA Exploration Science Forum last week at Ames. Multiple team members presented both oral and poster presentations regarding the planned and ongoing FINESSE research to study solar system volcanism and impacts from both scientific and exploration perspectives. FINESSE personnel from […]

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Mars Rover Breaks Driving Record

Mars Rover Breaks Driving Record. The Pasadena (CA) Star-News (7/28, 89K) reports that on Monday, NASA announced that “the Opportunity Mars rover broke a world record this month when, after 10.5 years, its odometer read 25 miles.” The piece notes that “the space rover has gone 40 times above and beyond NASA’s expectations, said John […]

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FINESSE team completes first field deployment to Craters of the Moon, Idaho


NASA’s FINESSE (Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science & Exploration) completed the project’s first field deployment in July 2014. FINESSE team members conducted field work at Craters of the Moon (COTM) National Monument and Preserve in July 2014. COTM is a being used as a terrestrial analog to study volcanic constructs with similarities to […]

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Pavilion Lake Research Project completes field deployment to Pavilion Lake, BC

Pavilion Lake Outland Second Pass

NASA MMAMA (SMD) funded Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) team completed the project’s first Phase 3 field deployment, which ran from June 12-27, 2014. The field program involved a tightly integrated science and exploration program. Field research involved joint human and robotic underwater activities, which served to: 1) broaden our understanding of the driving factors […]

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