Wave Selective Photovoltaics for Algal Production Ames-UC Santa Cruz collaboration featured as local cover story and picked up nationally online.

WSPV Ames Greenhouse

Ames researcher microbiologists (Bebout Exobiology lab) have successfully completed first phase assessment of a UC Santa Cruz developed technology “wave selective photovoltaics.” Using an led solar simulator and greenhouse rooftop facilities atop B239, tests were run on five commercially important algal strains (which are also of interest for space missions). Results showed that all strains […]

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NASA Continues Celebrations Of Curiosity Rover

NASA Continues Celebrations Of Curiosity Rover. Coverage continues of the one-year anniversary of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Compared to the previous day, coverage has expanded to included two and a half minutes of coverage on national TV broadcasts. The tone of that coverage was overwhelmingly positive with a focus on the achievements of […]

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