Curiosity Tops Its One-Day Driving Record

SPACE (7/25, Wall) reports on Sunday, the Curiosity rover traveled 329 feet, more than doubling the previous one-day travel record of 161 feet. Paolo Bellutta of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said, “What enabled us to drive so far on Sol 340 was starting at a high point and also having Mastcam images giving us the […]

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Pavilion Lake team conducts successful Operational Readiness Test at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab JSC) July 8-12, 2013


The Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) is currently in Phase 3 of its operations, and is preparing for a science-driven field deployment at Pavilion Lake in the summer of 2014. A component of the readiness testing involved a week of underwater activities at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NASA JSC). This was an important event for […]

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MSL CheMin mineralogical instrument Educational Outreach in the Arizona Desert

MSL CheMin mineralogical instrument –Educational Outreach in the Arizona Desert

David Blake (PI, CheMin instrument, SSX) conducted field geology with a group of 25 high school teachers in northern Arizona, June 24-28th. Blake’s participation was part of the CheMin team’s education outreach effort, which included Co-I’s Jack Farmer (Arizona State University) and Bob Downs (University of Arizona). Sheri Klug Boonstra and Jack Farmer of ASU […]

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Drilling our Way to Life on Mars Rover-Mounted Drill Autonomously Explores Subsurface Life in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Rover Zöe in the Atacama desert

Whether life ever existed on Mars or was capable of surviving profound climate changes is still unknown, and is a central question to the upcoming Mars 2020 mission. Despite large aquifers predicted at depth and surface ice in the polar regions, most of Mars remains extremely arid. The distribution of residual water/ice is likely to […]

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