2013 Technology Transfer Award Winners

Honorable Mention in the 2013 NASA Software of the Year Award Competition: Ross A. Beyer (SST)

2013 Patent Award:

  • Rapid Polymer Sequencer: Viktor Stolc (SCR)

  • Environmental Monitoring of Microbe Metabolic Transformation: Leslie Bebout (SSX), Brad Bebout (SSX), Christopher Beasley (SSX)
  • Algae Bioreactor Using Submerged Enclosures with Semi-Permeable Membranes: Jonathan Trent (SCB), Lance Delzeit (SCB), Michael Flynn (SCB), Tsegereda Embaye (SSX)
2013 Patent Application Awards:

  • Capillary Driven Micro-Organism Cultivation Platform for Human Life Support: Leslie Bebout (SSX)

  • Graphene-Based Electrode for a Supercapacitor: Bin Chen (SST)
  • Method for formation and manufacture of carbon nanotube mesh bucky paper capsules for transplantation of cells and tissue and implantation of medical: David Loftus (SCR)
  • Optimum Solar Conversion Cell Configurations: Christopher McKay (SS), Bin Chen (SST)
  • Solar Powered CO2 Conversion: Bin Chen (SST)
2013 NASA Tech Briefs Awards:
  • Carbon Nanotube Growth Density Control: Lance Delzeit (SCB)
  • Advanced Sensor Technology for Algal Biotechnology (ASTAB): Brad Bebout (SSX), Lance Delzeit (SCB), Leslie Bebout (SSX), Christopher Beasley (SSX)