Multiple LCROSS Publications in Space Science Reviews


The following papers were recently published in the journal Space Science Reviews: 1) Locating the LCROSS Impact CratersWilliam Marshall, Mark Shirley, Zachary Moratto, Anthony Colaprete and Gregory Neumann, et al. (2011)Space Science Reviews (currently on line at 2) LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) Observation Campaign: Strategies, Implementation, and Lessons LearnedJennifer L. Heldmann, […]

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Article in NATURE “A hydrothermal origin for isotopically anomalous cap dolostone cements from south China

The research concerns the mechanism leading to rapid global warming, about 600 million years ago, that ended the so-called ‘Snowball Earth’ glacial period. Methane, a strong greenhouse gas, has been implicated as a playing a key role in this instance of rapid climate change. A key piece of evidence supporting this idea are carbonate rocks, […]

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