Ames’ COSmIC faciity featured in CBS SmartPlanet

The popular CBS SmartPlanet program is featuring the COSmIC laboratory facility of the Space Science Division and the innovative research that is on-going in this facility to understand the return data from Cassini on the formation of large aerosols in Titan’s atmosphere. This decision by CBS SmartPlanet to produce a sequence on COSmIC follows the […]

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Astrochemstry Laboratory Hosts a Yuri’s Day booth on Scouting for Life

Mattioda_Yuri's Day 2011

The Astrochemistry Laboratory hosted an informative, hands-on, booth at Yuri’s Education Day held on April 8, 2011 at NASA Ames. Astrochemistry volunteers (Christiaan Boersma, Emma Yates, Joe Roser, Nathan Bramall, Cesar Contreras, Rachel Mastrapa Amanda Cook, Andrew Mattioda, Scott Sandford, Michel Nuevo, Chris Materese, Doug White, Ryan Walker and Yvonne Ibarra) demonstrated how scientists use […]

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