Mapping the methane on Mars

Marzo - Mapping the methane on Mars

Astronomy & Astrophysics highlighted a recently published paper by Sergio Fonti and Giuseppe A. Marzo (,en/). Segio Fonti is a professor at the Universita’ del Salento in Italy and Giuseppe A. Marzo contributed to this research when he was a NASA post-doctoral fellow at Ames. Currently, Giuseppe A. Marzo is a Research Scientist at the […]

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2010 Blue Marble Awards for Environmental and Energy excellence

Lee Bebout

NASA Ames’ Leslie Prufert-Bebout, Ph.D is a recipient of the 2010 Blue Marble Awards for Environmental and Energy excellence. The Blue Marble Award program recognizes excellence demonstrated in environmental and energy management in support of NASA’s mission. The award will be presented at the NASA Environment and Energy Conference, June 16, 2010, at the Colorado […]

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Astrochemistry Laboratory Shines Brightly at the 239th National ACS Meeting

Galaxy NGC 1569

The NASA Ames Astrochemistry Laboratory dominated the talks at Thursday, March 25th, 2010 session of the Special Symposium on Observational and Experimental Astrochemistry at the 239th National American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco. Everyone shone brightly with each talk ended with more questions from the audience than time allowed. Louis Allamandola presented a invited […]

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Astrochemistry Lab Hosts a Yuri’s Night booth

Astrochem Lab Rover

The Astrochemistry Laboratory hosted an informative, hands-on, booth for both the Multiverse Education Day and the Festival Day at the annual NASA Ames Yuri’s Night Event, April 9th & 10th 2010. Astrochemistry volunteers (Christiaan Boersma, Claire Ricketts, Emma Yates, Joe Roser, Nathan Bramall, Cesar Contreras, Amanda Cook, Andrew Mattioda, Scott Sandford, Michel Nuevo, Katie Bryson […]

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Presented talk at the American Chemical Society National Meeting

Nitrogen Cycling - Summers SSX

Dr. David Summers presented a paper at the American Chemical Society National Meeting entitled: Abiotic fixation of nitrogen on terrestrial planets: Experimental results and their implications. Abstract: The abiotic fixation of nitrogen on the early Earth and other terrestrial planets is important for habitability, life, and geochemistry. Using Mars as an example, an atmospheric pressure […]

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