Thomas Roellig

Thomas Roellig

Research Interests:

Infrared Astronomy
Astronomical Instrumentation

Select Publications:

“Diffuse Infrared Radiation and the IRTS”, ed. H. Okuda, T. Matsumoto, T. L. Roellig, ASP Conference Series vol. 124, 1997.
“The Infrared Spectrograph on the Spitzer Space Telescope”, Houck, J. R., Roellig, T. L., Van Cleve, J. E., Forrest, W. J. Herter, T., Lawrence, C. R., Matthews, K., Reitsema, H. J., Soifer, B. T., Watson, D. M., Weedman, D., Huisjen, M., Troeltzsch, J., Barry, D. J., Bernard-Salas, J., Blacken, C. E., Brandl, B. R., Charmandaris, V., Devost, D., Gull, G. E., Hall, P., Henderson, C. P., Higson, S. J. U., Pirger, B. E., Schoenwald, J., Sloan, G. C., Uchida, K. I., Appleton, P. N., Armus, L., Burgdorf, M. J., Fajardo-Acosta, S. B., Grillmair, C. J., Ingall, J., Morrris, P. W., and Teplitz, H. I., ApJ Suppl., 154, 18, 2004.

“The NASA Spitzer Space Telescope”, Gehrz, R. D., Roellig, T. L., Werner, M. W., Fazio, G. G., Houck, J. R., Low, F. J., Rieke, G. R., Soifer, B. T., Romana, E. A., and Levine, D. A., Rev. Sci. Inst., 78, 011302-1, 2007.

“The 22 Micron Emission Feature in Supernova Remnants and Massive Star-forming Regions”, Onaka, T., Roellig, T. L., Okada, Y., and Chan, K-W., in The Evolving ISM in the Milky Way & Nearby Galaxies, 2008.

“ HN Peg B: A Test of Models of the L to T Dwarf Transition”, Leggett, S. K., Saumon, D., Albert, L., Cushing, M. C., Liu, M. C., Luhman, K. L., Marley, M. S., Kirkpatrick, J. D., Roellig, T. L., and Allers, K. N., ApJ. Lett., 682, 1256L, 2008.

“Discovery of Two Nearby, Peculiar L Dwarfs from the 2MASS Proper Motion Survey: Young or Metal-Rich?”, Looper, D. L., Kirkpatrick, J. D., Cutri, R. M., Barman, T., Burgasser, A. J., Cushing, M. C., Roellig, T., McGovern, M. R., McLean, I. S., Rice, E., Swift, B. J., and Schurr, S. D., ApJ Lett., 626, 528L, 2008.

“ Building for the James Webb Space Telescope: the Near-Infrared Camera”, Rieke, M. J., Eisenstein, D., Engelbracht, C. W., Kelly, D. M., McCarth, D. W., Meyer, M. R., Misselt, K. A., Rieke, G., Stansberry, J. A., Wilmer, C., Young, E. T., Baum, S. A., Beichman, C. A., Trauger, J. T., Doyon, R., Dressler, A., Ferrarese, L., Johnstone, D. I., Greene, T. P., Roellig, T. L., Hall, D. N. B., Hodapp, K., Horner, S. D., Lilly, S. J., Martin, P. G., and Stauffer, J. R., Bull AAS, 40, 263, 2008.

“ The Physical Properties of Four ~600K T Dwarfs”, Leggett, S. K.; Cushing, M. C.; Saumon, D.; Marley, M. S.; Roellig, T. L.; Warren, S. J.; Burningham, B.; Jones, H. R. A.; Kirkpatrick, J. D.; Lodieu, N.; Lucas, P. W.; Mainzer, A. K.; Martin, E. L.; McCaughrean, M. J.; Pinfield, D. J.; Sloan, G. C.; Smart, R. L.; Tamura, M.; Van Cleve, J., ApJ, 695, 1517, 2009.

“ A New Window on the Cosmos: The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)”, Gehrz, R.D., Becklin, E.E., dePater, I., Lester, D.F., Roellig, T.L., Woodward, C.E., Advances in Space Research, 44, 413, 2009.

NASA Missions:

Spitzer Space Telescope: