Sean Colgan

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Professional Biography:

8/97 - present Astrophysicist, NASA 8/89 - 8/97 Principal Investigator, SETI Institute 11/88 - 7/89 Visiting Research Associate, University of California, Santa Cruz 10/86 - 10/88 Research Associate, National Research Council, NASA - Ames Research Center


5/83 – 8/86 Cornell, Ph.D. in Astronomy
Thesis topic: Emission-Absorption Observations of the Interstellar Medium.
(Thesis advisor: Y. Terzian)
9/80 – 5/83 Cornell, M.S. in Astronomy
9/78 – 6/80 California Institute of Technology, B.S. with honors in Astronomy
9/76 – 6/78 University of California, Riverside, major in Physics

Research Interests:

Star Formation
Galactic Center
Interstellar Medium

Select Publications:

U.U. Graf, R. Simon, J. Stutzki, S.W.J. Colgan, X. Guan, R. Güesten, P. Hartogh, C. E. Honingh, H.W. Hüberg, 2012, ” [12CII] and [13CII] 158µm emission from NGC 2024: Large column densities of ionized carbon,” AA, 542, L16

Robert H. Rubin, Janet P. Simpson, C. R. O’Dell, Ian A. McNabb, Sean W. J. Colgan, Scott Y. Zhuge, Gary J. Ferland, & Sergio A. Hidalgo, 2011, “Spitzer reveals what is behind Orion’s Bar,” MN, 1420, 1320.

Janet P. Simpson, Michael G. Burton, Sean W. J. Colgan, Angela S. Cotera, Edwin F. Erickson,Dean C. Hines, & Barbara A. Whitney, 2009, “Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Polarization Observations of Three Edge-on Massive Young Stellar Objects,” ApJ, 700, 1488

Robert H. Rubin, Janet P. Simpson, Sean W. J. Colgan, Reginald J. Dufour, Gregory Brunner, Ian A. McNabb, Adalbert W. A. Pauldrach, Edwin F. Erickson, Michael R. Haas, & Robert I. Citron, 2008, “Spitzer observations of M33 and the hot star, HII region connection,” MN, 387, 45

Sean W. J. Colgan, A. S. B. Schultz, M. J. Kaufman, E. F. Erickson, & D. J. Hollenbach, 2007, “NICMOS Observations of Shocked H2 in Orion,” ApJ, 671, 536

Janet P. Simpson, Sean W. J. Colgan, Angela S. Cotera, Edwin F. Erickson, David J. Hollenbach, Michael J. Kaufman, & Robert H. Rubin, 2007, “Spitzer IRS Observations of the Galactic Center: Shocked Gas in the Radio Arc Bubble,” ApJ, 670, 1115

J. P. Simpson, S. W. J. Colgan, E. F. Erickson, M. G. Burton, & A. S. B. Schultz, 2006, “Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Polarization Measurements of OMC-1,” ApJ, 642, 339

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S. W. J. Colgan, E. F. Erickson, J. P. Simpson, M. R. Haas, & M. Morris, 1996 “Excitation of the “Arched” Filaments near the Galactic Center,” ApJ, 470, 882.

S. W. J. Colgan, M. R. Haas, E. F. Erickson, S. D. Lord, & D. J. Hollenbach 1994, “Day 640 Infrared Line and Continuum Measurements: Dust Formation in SN1987A,” ApJ, 427, 874

S. W. J. Colgan, M. R. Haas, E. F. Erickson, R. H. Rubin, J. P. Simpson, & R. W. Russell 1993, “Detection of the [NII] 122 and 205 “µm” Lines: Densities in G333.6-0.2,” ApJ, 413, 237

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S. W. J. Colgan, E. E. Salpeter, & Y. Terzian 1990, “HI Absorption Limits and Emission Mapping for High Velocity HI Clouds,” ApJ, 351, 503

S. W. J. Colgan, & D. J. Hollenbach 1988 “Theoretical Infrared Spectra of SN 1987A, ” ApJ, 329, L25

Awards and Other:

2012 NASA Group Achievement Award: SOFIA Science Software Development Team
1999 NASA Superior Accomplishment Award: SOFIA Project Support
1994 NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award: SETI Institute
1992 Space Science Division Contractor Recognition Award: CCD Offset Guider
1988 NASA Group Achievement Award: Observations of Supernova 1987A