Mark Fonda

Mark Fonda

Professional Biography:

2002-Present Deputy Division Chief, Space Science & Astrobiology Division 2002-Present Co-Investigator Mineralogical Instrument, Astrobiology Science Instrument Development Program (ASTID) 2000-2001 Deputy Branch Chief, Exobiology Branch 1995- 1999 Acting Assistant Branch Chief, Exobiology Branch 1998-1999 Project Manager, Leonid Air-born Mission 1989-1995 Program Manager, Solar System Exploration Branch 1994- 1995 Principal Investigator Microgravity Small Experiments Program, Exobiology Branch 1991-1995 Instrument Definition and Development Technical Monitor, Solar System Exploration Branch

Select Publications:

G. Fogleman, J. Huntington, D. Schwartz and M. Fonda eds., “Gas-Grain Simulation Facility: Fundamental Studies of Particle Formation and Interactions.” Proceedings of the 1987 Gas-Grain Simulation Facility Workshop. NASA Conference Publication 10026 (1989).

M. Fonda and G. Carle, “Exobiology Intact Capture Experiment (Exo-ICE) Project” ARC Research & Technology Report 1990.

M.Fonda and D. Thomas, “Gas-Grain Simulation Facility Definition and Development” ARC Research & Technology Report 1991.

N. Gat, J. Kropp, J. Huntington and M. Fonda, “The Gas-Grain Simulation Facility (GGSF) for Space Station Freedom: Design Concept” Proceedings 43rd World Space Congress of the International Astronautical Federation , IAF – 92 – 0950, 1992.

M. Fonda, J. Huntington, K. Nishioka, ” Particle Generation for the Gas-Grain Simulation Facility” ARC Research & Technology Report 1992.

M. Fonda and Fred Rogers, ” Gravity-Independent Solid Particle Generator” ARC Research & Technology Report 1993.

M. Fonda and Fred Rogers, ” In-Situ Particle Measurement Concept for Aerosols” ARC Research & Technology Report 1993.

M. Fonda, ” An Integrated X-ray Laboratory Breadboard for Mars Geologic Exploration” ARC Research & Technology Report 1993.

J. Huntington, K. Greenwald, C.F. Rogers, D. Stratton, B. Simmons, M.Fonda eds., ” Gas-Grain Simulation Facility: Aerosol and Particle Research in Microgravity ” Proceedings of the 1993 Gas-Grain Simulation Facility Workshop. NASA Conference Publication 10135 (1994).

K. Nishioka, T. Bunch, G. Carle, S. Chang, M. Fonda, ” Capturing Cosmic Dust For Exobiology ” ARC Research & Technology Report 1995.

K. Nishioka, T. Bunch, M. Fonda, J. Ryder, S. Lovejoy, S. R. Sutton, A. Westphal, J. Borg, ” Trials and Tribulations of IDP Capture on MIR and Analyses ” 27th Lunar Planetary Science Conference 1996.

J. Blum, M. Cabane, M. Fonda, F. Giovane, H. Keller, A. Regourd, J. Nuth, F. Rogers, ” The Concept of a Facility for Cosmic Dust Research on the International Space Station ” ESA Symposium Proceeding on Space Staion Utilisation, ESOC Special Publication 385, December 1996.

M. Fonda, M. Petach, C. F. Rogers, J. Huntington, D. Stratton, K. Nishioka, M. Tipo, ” Resuspension of Particles by Aerodynamic Deagglomeration ” Aerosol Science and Technology 30:6, June 1999.

P. Jennisjens, D. Packan, C. Laux, M. Wilson, I.D. Boyd, C. H,. Kruger, O. Popova, M. Fonda, Leonid Shower Probe of Aerothermochemistry in Meteoric Plasmas and Implications for the Origin of LifeÓ Submitted Report to Science, Submitted Jan. 2000.

P. Jennisjens, C. Laux, D. Packan, M. Wilson, M. Fonda, ÒRecent Observations of Aerothermochemistry Effects in Reentry Plasmas of Fast Leonid Meteors and Implications for the Origin of LifeÓ 38th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conf., Jan. 2000.

Awards and Other:

Received GE Test and Integration Team Professional Award for Excellence in Performance 1984.

Received from the Life Sciences Deputy Director recognition for excellent contributions to Life Sciences Flight Experiment Program (LSFEP) 1985.

Designed the NASA Ames Research Center / Dryden center logo 1986.

Selected for GE Management Recognition Award for Excellence in New Program Development 1987.

Received NASA Special Achievement Award for leadership contributions to Exo-ICE proposal 1989.

Received NASA Special Achievement Award for Management contributions to Exo-ICE & Tagex proposal Development 1991.

Received NASA Superior Accomplishment Award for leadership contributions as SET Chairman for GGSF 1991.

Received NASA COTR of the Year Award 1994.

Received NASA Ames Continual Improvement Honor Award for Grants Process Action Team 1996.

Received NASA Superior Accomplishment Award for Project Leadership Leonid Mission 1998.

Received NASA Ames Honor Award Leonid Mission 2000