Jeff Hollingsworth

Jeff Hollingsworth

Research Interests:

Modeling of Cyclo-, Fronto-genesis in the Atmosphere of Mars
Midlatitude Storm Zones (Tracks) in Mars’ Atmosphere
Intraseasonal and Interannual Variability of Mars’ Present Climate
MGS Aerobraking and Observations Support Using the NASA Ames MGCM

Select Publications:

Hollingsworth, J.L., R.M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer, 1999: Modeling of cyclogenesis in the Mars atmosphere. Eos, Transactions, 80, F612 (poster). (abstract/poster)

James, P.B., J.L. Hollingsworth, M.J. Wolff, and S.W. Lee, 1999: North polar dust storms in early spring on Mars. Icarus, 138, 64-73. (contact:

Hollingsworth, J.L., R.M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer, 1997: Seasonal variations of storm zones on Mars. Advances in Space Research, 19, 1237-1240. (abstract/paper)

Hollingsworth, J.L., R.M. Haberle, J.R. Barnes, A.F.C. Bridger, J.B. Pollack, H. Lee, and J. Schaeffer, 1996: Orographic control of storm zones on Mars. Nature, 380, 413-416. (abstract/paper)

Hollingsworth, J.L., and J.R. Barnes, 1996: Forced, stationary planetary waves in Mars’ winter atmosphere. J. Atmos. Sci., 53, 428-448. (abstract/paper)

Hollingsworth, J.L., 1992: Modeling of Forced Planetary Waves in the Mars Atmosphere. Ph.D. dissertation, Oregon State University. (abstract)

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