Jack Lissauer

Jack Lissauer

Professional Biography:

• 8-96 to Pres., Space Scientist, AST, Planetary System - Planetary Systems Branch, Space Science and Astrobiology Division, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA • 6-87 to 8-96, Assistant/Associate Professor, Astronomy Program, Department of Earth & Space Sciences State University of New York, Stony Brook


4-02 to Pres., Consulting Professor –
Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA


• Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, December 1982, University of California, Berkeley, CA. Thesis title: Dynamics of Saturn’s Rings, Thesis advisor: Frank H. Shu
• S.B. in Mathematics, February 1978, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Research Interests:

Jack Lissauer is an authority on protoplanetary nebula dynamical processes, planet formation, extrasolar planets, and celestial dynamics.

Select Publications:

Lissauer, J.J., 1993. “Planet Formation” Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 31, 129-174.

Lissauer, J.J., 1995. “Urey Prize Lecture: On the Diversity of Plausible Planetary Systems” Icarus,114, 217-236.

Lissauer, J.J., 1999. “How Common are Habitable Planets?” Nature 402, C11-C14.

Lissauer, J.J., 2001. “Time for Gas Planets to Grow” Nature 409, 23-24.

Lissauer, J.J., 2007. “Planets Formed in Habitable Zones of M Dwarf Stars Probably are Deficient in Volatiles” Astrophys. J., 660, L149-L152.

Lissauer, J.J., O. Hubickyj, G. D’Angelo and P. Bodenheimer 2009. “Models of Jupiter’s Growth Incorporating Thermal and Hydrodynamics Constraints” Icarus 199, 338-350.

Lissauer, J.J., and 38 co-authors, 2011. “A closely packed system of low-mass, low-density planets transiting Kepler-11” Nature 470, 53-58.

Lissauer, J.J., and 24 co-authors, 2011. “Architecture and Dynamics of Kepler’s Candidate Multiple Planet Systems” Astrophys. J. Supp. 197, 8 (26pp).

Lissauer, J.J., and 23 co-authors, 2012. “Almost All of Kepler’s Candidate Multiple Planet Candidates are Planets” Astrophys. J. 750, 112 (15pp).

Lissauer, J.J., and 13 co-authors, 2014. “Validation of /Kepler/’s Multiple Planet Candidates. II. Refined statistical framework and description of systems of special interest” Astrophys. J. 784, 44 (21pp).

NASA Missions:

Co-Investigator on the Kepler Mission and the TESS Mission

Awards and Other:

Harold C. Urey Prize, Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society, 1992
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1987-1991
NASA Honor Award: Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 2013
Ames Honor Award (Scientist), 2012
AGU Fellow, American Geophysical Union, 2011
Chambliss Writing Award, American Astronomical Society, 2007
Ames Associate Fellow, NASA Ames, 2007
2006 California Space SpotBeam Award/Space Sciences, California Space Authority