Hemil Modi

Hemil Modi


MSc. 2012, Space Studies, Human Spaceflight, International Space University, France
B.E. 2011, Civil Engineering, University of Pune, India

Research Interests:

Hemil transforms scientific vision into technical reality and is passionate about developing sophisticated, self-aware systems. He is an avid aviator and a NASA pilot for fixed wing, helicopter and multirotor autonomous vehicles (aka drones). He plays a key role in some of NASA’s most coveted internal R&D projects including:
– Drone development for Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond
– Automated air traffic management system to enable low altitude airspace for drone operations at scale
– Self-regulating biological incubators for supporting cell culture research on the International Space Station
– Plant growth habitats for Moon, and Mars
– Spacecraft missions and technologies for astrobiology including CubeSats
– Robotic in-situ sample acquisition, handling and processing systems for life detection missions to planetary bodies like Venus, Mars, Europa, Enceladus and Titan
Hemil is also exploring ways to utilize cutting edge aerospace technology to elevate life here on Earth.

NASA Missions:

Hemil is a core team member and technical lead on NASA’s flagship Aeronautics project, Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM)
Prior to his work on UTM, he led a dynamic engineering team to develop a Principal Investigator Startup Kit in support of NASA’s International Space Station based Cell Science mission. He also led the engineering design, development and Lunar gravity testing on NASA’s reduced gravity flight aircraft (aka parabolic flight aircraft) of the Lunar Plant Growth habitat.

Awards and Other:

– Most recently he was recognized as the Most Valuable Person on NASA’s UTM project
– All India Best Cadet, Air Wing, awarded to 1 of 1.3 million highly trained Army, Navy and Air Wing cadets of the India’s National Cadet Corps
– Youth Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan
– Aerospace Researcher under then Chairman Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Mr. Madhavan Nair and Former
Director Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, (VSSC-ISRO) Mr. Pramod Kale
– Aerospace researcher under then President of India Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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