Process for Getting a System onto the Building Network

The process can take a week, and sometimes more, if there is a delay in Ames Security scanning the system.


Contact your system administrator or contact Systems Support if you would like to subscribe for support.

Certified System Administrators:

1. Contact Systems Support and provide the desired hostname, type of hardware, OS, location, and name of the primary user.

2. Systems Support will determine if a network port needs to be activated and will submit a request, if needed.

3. You will be given a temporary “setup” IP address. You will need to:

  • download and install OS patches, if needed
  • apply CIS benchmarks, including NASA login banner,
  • install Patchlink client 
  • turn off unnecessary services

4. Notify Systems Support when the system is ready and a security scan will be done. Fix any vulnerabilities that are found.

5. After the system passes the local scan, Systems Support will contact Ames Network Support for :

  • an official scan,
  • hostname/IP Address registration,
  • registration of host needing ssh access from outside the PRIVATE network.

6. When the process is complete, you will be given the new IP address and other needed configuration information.