Network Information

Wired Networks

The Ames Centerwide network backbone consists of three networks separated by firewalls. They are the PRIVATE, PUBLIC and OPEN.  For information on how to get your system on-line in Building N245, visit this page.

Most systems at Ames, and in N245, are on the PRIVATE network. Currently, the only network connections allowed from the outside to the PRIVATE network are via Secure Shell (ssh or Virtual Private Network (vpn). If you will need remote access to a system on PRIVATE in this building, contact Systems Support for information on ssh and vpn. All public printers in the building are on the PRIVATE network.

The PUBLIC network is used for servers, for functions such as general public web access.  Individual user accounts are restricted. The Center-wide Web servers and publicly accessible Web servers in N245 are connected to the PUBLIC network.

The OPEN network has fewer restrictions but is less protected from outside intrusion. A small number of systems in N245 are on the OPEN network. They are primarily systems running web services.  From OPEN, access to public printers in the building is through a print server called Ink. See Page 7 for print queues.

All systems to be connected to the Ames network are required to pass a security scan. Contact the Systems Support Group to schedule a scan.  A Certified System Administrator[1] must also be designated as responsible for the system.

Firewall Network

A firewalled network, accessible via a hub in the Room 15 Computer Lab or a wireless connection, allows limited network access. Only permanent badged employees can use this network. Users can access the web, and use secure shell (ssh) going out only. VPN must be used to access the PRIVATE network.

Wireless Network Access

N245 has access points in various places throughout the building. ARC-WLAN is intended for Ames employees. The ARC-WLAN network provides unlimited access to ARCLAN Open and Public network resources, as well as the Internet. VPN may be used to access ARCLAN Private resources. ARC-WLAN-GUEST is intended for Ames visitors who have a Civil Servant or Contractor sponsor. The account offers limited wireless access to the Internet. Ames employees whose wireless cards do not support WPA can also use ARC-WLAN-GUEST for Internet and VPN access.  Go to: for additional information.

Computer Access for Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals must complete and have approved the “Request for Foreign National Computer Access” form (ARC 781) before they can be given computer access on the Ames network. Foreign Nationals are permitted to use the wireless ARC-WLAN-GUEST network. A pdf version of the ARC 781 is available for download from the website:

Systems Support needs a copy of the approved form to keep on file. 

It can take months to obtain approval for access, so the process should be started long before a foreign national needing access arrives at the Center.

[1] A list of NASA Certified System Administrators can be found at: