Meadow Park Middle School Aquaponics Project


Welcome to the Meadow Park Middle School Aquaponics Project!


New!  See a presentation of the results of this project from the Aquaponics Association annual meeting in Portland, Oregon.  Click here.

These web pages were created by Anne McHugh’s 8th grade class during the 2016/17 school year at Meadow Park Middle School.  The project was performed in collaboration with Dr. Brad Bebout at NASA Ames Research Center and in support of the FY17 NASA Scientific Innovation Fund funded Project “Biology IS the Technology: The Microbial Ecology of Food Production Systems“. Students involved in this project conducted actual scientific research in order to test hypotheses.  The information that was generated is of profound interest to NASA’s efforts to develop food production systems in support of long duration human exploration. Any questions about how to set up such a system in your classroom can be directed to Anne McHugh at anne{dot}mchugh[at]

Here at NASA, we are interested in continuing this research, and in partnering with other schools, or groups of citizen scientists, to expand these measurements in other systems. Please contact with Anne McHugh or Brad Bebout if you are interested.

All information displayed is the result of these students’ 10 week experiment with 10 separate aquaponics systems. Any outside information is referenced to the best of the students’ abilities.

Below is the list of students who contributed to this project and to these web pages. We could not have done this work without their substantial contributions, enthusiasm and inexhaustible brain power.

Kate Babcock, Griffin Barron, Anvitha Bavineni, Saaketh Bhattiprolu, Kritika Bisht, Matthew Bryan, Katherine Chang, Tracie Chen, Jalen Chrysos, Kristen Curtis, Daniel Dang, Amelia Fajardo, Aiko Gaudreault, Kaitlyn Gingell, Gemma Graham, Anika Gupta, Sean Hansen, Sasha Hicks, Ryan Ho, James H., Amuthan Ilavarasan, Alayna Izen, Adam Jones, Bill Killpack, Maria Kolattukudy, Chester Lao, Joey Lee, Spencer Mace, Liam Mount, Tarun Narahari, Sriram Nathan, Sohani Nimmala, Cole Odegard, Martin Perez Vasquez, Niyati Puranik, Ian Rundle, Nabeeha Saffat, Nikhil Samudrala, Nishant Sane, Kendra Saunders, Ben Shreve, Naomi Smith, Lily Spence, Ellie Stephens, Ben Stoddard, Sanya Surya, Emma Tong, Coby Tran, Max Wild, Jacey Wilson, Daniel Winkel, Varsha Vasudevan, Matthew Vignolo, John Wang, Robert Young, Daniel Zahariev