Biology IS the Technology: Microbial Ecology of Space Food Production



Our Ames Scientific Innovation Fund (SIF) grant will characterize the microbes associated with home food production systems.  We will contribute new knowledge of the microbial ecology of food production systems by sampling and analyzing the microbial community of an “installed base” of home aquaponics, hydroponics, and closed ecosystem food production systems sampled by Citizen Scientists.   Innovative nanopore sequencing technology will be used to characterize the microbial ecology of these systems in a way not previously possible.

We just performed our first sampling for this project at SchoolGrown‘s LEAF!  Photos, as well as some explanation that will help you understand what sampling would be like in your system are here.  Look for the explanations in the captions of the photos.

July 20, 2017 Update:  Anne McHugh’s 8th grade class at Meadow Park Middle School in Beaverton, OR  just put their class aquaponics project web site online HERE!

Please stay tuned or contact Brad Bebout, NASA Ames, to find additional ways you can become involved in this study!

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