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SS Seminars Special Seminar

The Geologic Record of Lakes on Mars

Timothy A. Goudge (Postdoctoral Fellow)
The University of Texas at Austin

Decades of planetary exploration have revealed widespread evidence for ancient aqueous activity on Mars, including deeply incised valleys, paleolake basins, and secondary alteration minerals. Lake basins on Earth provide some of the most detailed records of past aqueous environments, and so one should also expect paleolake basins on Mars to offer great insight into the early martian environment. In this talk I will provide a broad overview of recent work to understand the geologic record of paleolake basins on Mars. The talk will focus on orbital remote sensing results from a global catalog of primarily impact crater-hosted paleolakes, and what these landforms record about the hydrology and climate of early Mars.

Point of contact: ginny.gulick@gmail.com


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