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Ames Center for Exoplanet Studies (ACES) Seminar

Imprints of forming giant planets — hydrodynamic simulations and observations of circumplanetary disks

Judit Szulágyi (ETH Zurich)


Recently, younger and younger planets were detected, often still embedded in gaseous circumstellar disks. In this evolutionary phase, giant planets are still surrounded by their own disk: the circumplanetary disk. Even though there is no direct observation of this disk yet, the trace of hot gas around young planets has already been detected by H-alpha emission and extended thermal emission via direct imaging technique. To interpret these observations and to prepare for future ones, hydrodynamic simulations of circumplanetary disks has to be carried out to unveil their basic characteristics (mass, temperature, entropy, luminosity, accretion rate). In my talk, I will present radiative hydrodynamic simulations of circumplanetary disks, discuss how they influence the entropy of the planet, what they infer about satellite formation timescale, how we can detect them, and how they influence the observationally derived properties of forming planets.

Point of contact:  megan.i.shabram@nasa.gov