Ames Center for Exoplanet Studies (ACES)

Exoplanet 8
Exoplanet 8


Cross-disciplinary group advancing Exoplanet observations, theory, technology, and missions

ACES Goals:

Foster communication, build interdisciplinary efforts, provide a focal / contact point for internal
and external communication for Ames exoplanet activities

Director, Tom Greene

ACES Functions:

  • Coordinate efforts on Ames exoplanet activities
  • Provide a forum for communicating latest science & technology results and share expertise
  • Advocate Ames activities within and beyond Ames
  • Identify and respond to mission and proposal activities
  • Support exoplanet-related activities in other Ames organizations and within the agency.

Bay Area Exoplanet Science Meetings held at the SETI Institute:

Exoplanet colloquia and seminar talks at NASA Ames:

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Ames Coronagraph Testbed Information:





ACES Highlights

Coronagraph technology for direct imaging of exo-Earths
Highlights for 1/28/10

#1 Awarded 3 proposals on which I am a Co-I, which provides significant funding towards the Ames Coronagraph Laboratory to develop coronagraph technology for direct imaging of exo-Earths. The proposals are part of NASA ROSES TDEM (Technology development for Exoplanet Missions). Here they are: Assessing the performance limits of internal coronagraphs through end-to-end modeling Phase-Induced […]

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